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We Are a Specialised

Food Company.

25+ Years of Airline Wholesale & Distribution

We Offer a Full Delivery & Catering Supply System Nationwide.

Think Ingredients,

Think PK

Sourcing the best products from around the world, we are a one-stop shop for the finest ingredients for your business.

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Why Choose PK?

Reason 01.

Knowledge, Passion & Understanding of the Industry.

Reason 02.

Flexibility & Choice of Products via NPD and Current Supply Chains.

Reason 03.

Understanding the Needs and Requirements of the Procurement Teams / Development Chefs.

Reason 04.

Offering Workshops Direct with the Manufacturers / Suppliers.

Reason 05.

Opening a Direct Supply Network to our Manufacturing Partners at Source. Working Hand in Hand with Customers & Suppliers

Reason 06.

Forward Planning and Projections on Menu Designs with Stock Availability.

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Tailored Services

We use carefully selected suppliers and transport facilities which enable us to provide a fast, tailored service that is both personal and responsive.

Furthermore, by understanding your needs and working in partnership, we are able to offer clients a truly “one-stop shop strategy”; from sourcing and product development right through to storage and distribution.

Our prime focus for all clients, large or small, is to offer, “best price, best quality” supported by a supply chain and reliability, that is second to none.

I have been working with Pk Trading for a number of years and I really love working with them. Their strength is professionalism, efficiency, problem-solving, and customer service. I truly recommend Pk Trading as a future supplier

Dnata Catering

PK Trading has worked with Tampopo for 5 years.  Over that time PK Trading has worked hard to ensure the supply has remained consistent with minimal shortages. They have also shown flexibility in stocking specific products where we have needed supply which is appreciated.

Tampopo Catering

I have used PK Trading for the last 8 years and have always found them to be reliable, efficient and have that unique resource to find the most difficult of ingredients.  Sam and the team have always been a “go to” supplier and we will happily continue to use them going forward. 


PK Trading brings to the airline catering industry a unique uncomplicated approach and by doing this we have been able to maintain both an efficient working relationship and pricing within the scope of our requirements. The extreme pressures of the last few years have enabled PK Trading to continue to establish and cement there position in the industry, because of there uncomplicated approach this has given me the assurances I needed when airlines have been pressing for new menus to start “yesterday”

Newrest Catering

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