Kit Pack Desserts

First Class Plated Desserts – From Kit To Plate

PK Trading is proud to announce that we can now supply you with innovative dessert kits that are both delicious and very handy when you have discerning customers and a pastry chef is not available. The desserts are of a very good quality and very consistent every time. They can be plated easily by almost everyone and you deliver restaurant-quality desserts every time. These desert kit are perfect for airlines, rail and cruise lines, travel caterers and boutique hotels.

The products are packed in a kit consisting of the dessert, the coulis or compote and the garnish. Here are some examples of the dessert kits:

Cherry Mascarpone Tranche  topped with a Dark chocolate swirl with marinated Cherry, with Yoghurt and oat crumble.



Chocolate Ganache with a White Yoghurt Quinelle topped with Chocolate microwave sponge and white chocolate skewer alongside Persian figs in a spicy citrus sauce with chopped pistachios.

Black Forest on the washing line with Green tea microwave sponge along with sprinkled yoghurt & oat crumble, almonds, pistacchios, candied lemon & orange peel and raspberry crisps.


Crunchy Crema Catalana with a tonka bean gnocchi  accompanied by Glazed kumquats with Yoghurt and oat crumble


Passion fruit custard with a champagne mousse centre served with Persian figs in blackcurrant sauce along with sprinkled candied blossom



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