Racing around at Silverstone

PK Trading Delivery Vans

Our speedy chariots for Silverstone

We were racing around during the British Formula One Grand Prix. Unfortunately, the racing wasn’t in glamorous formula one cars with high powered engines, but in delivery vans!

One of our customers was catering for the prestigious Formula One Paddock Club at Silverstone last weekend. You know, the type of gourmet food where no expense is spared. The Paddock Club is the most exclusive of luxury hospitality and has race viewing above the pits. They asked us to help by supplying all the ingredients for the event.

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Olive Oil Caviar for Caterers

Olive Oil Caviar used with Millbrook Anchovy

Olive Oil Caviar used with Millbrook Anchovy

PK Trading are excited that we can now supply you with olive oil caviar to add molecular gastronomy to your dish – easily. Olive oil caviar is small caviar-sized spheres that produce a burst of flavour in the mouth. If you are catering for customers who like visually-appealing food that is tasty and healthy at the same time, then this is a great product for you to try.

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Kit Pack Desserts

First Class Plated Desserts – From Kit To Plate

PK Trading is proud to announce that we can now supply you with innovative dessert kits that are both delicious and very handy when you have discerning customers and a pastry chef is not available. The desserts are of a very good quality and very consistent every time. They can be plated easily by almost everyone and you deliver restaurant-quality desserts every time. These desert kit are perfect for airlines, rail and cruise lines, travel caterers and boutique hotels.

The products are packed in a kit consisting of the dessert, the coulis or compote and the garnish. Here are some examples of the dessert kits:

Cherry Mascarpone Tranche  topped with a Dark chocolate swirl with marinated Cherry, with Yoghurt and oat crumble.



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