Racing around at Silverstone

PK Trading Delivery Vans

Our speedy chariots for Silverstone

We were racing around during the British Formula One Grand Prix. Unfortunately, the racing wasn’t in glamorous formula one cars with high powered engines, but in delivery vans!

One of our customers was catering for the prestigious Formula One Paddock Club at Silverstone last weekend. You know, the type of gourmet food where no expense is spared. The Paddock Club is the most exclusive of luxury hospitality and has race viewing above the pits. They asked us to help by supplying all the ingredients for the event.

Even though we are known for having an extensive range of dried food supplies, we also have very strong relationships with all sorts of catering suppliers. We pride ourselves on being able to source almost anything that a caterer might need. And last weekend we were sourcing premium quality meats, fresh fish and even the ribbon they needed to tie up gifts.

We help our catering customers look good by making sure that we find and deliver everything that is needed on time so that you can do what you do best – cooking up tasty morsels for your discerning and hungry diners. For such a premium event we knew that only the freshest ingredients would do and we put a team of delivery vans on standby to make sure the event went smoothly.

When the menu changed at the last minute to gourmet sausages, we were able to find a great supplier.  We know that when you cater for a big event, you need some flexibility. All food orders by 2pm were delivered first thing the next morning. We had several vans on the go to make sure that all the ingredients were sourced quickly from the best suppliers.

It was a pleasure being involved behind the scenes at Silverstone. We do our best to make our catering customers look good.